A new local business is seeking to promote their Silent Film nights in several cities and towns in the area but do not know how to tap into an existing community on a limited budget. 


  • Partner with a university or local film club to tap into their community of like-minded film buffs and invite them to create their own 30 second silent movie to showcase their town. 
  • If a local indie video store exists, offer them sponsorship of the competition in return for multiple mailouts and in-store promotion to their customers.
  • Submit entries on Instagram/Twitter using the provided localised hashtag - for example #BristolSilentMovie.
  • Host the videos on a website and encourage the wider public to vote for the best one in the town.
  • The prize could be two free tickets to the screening in the town and a screening of the winning entry ahead of the main feature film.
  • Offer a 10% discount code on tickets for everyone that enters a video.


  • Increased reach around the content and hashtag.
  • Hosting the video content on a site will increase inbound traffic.
  • Increased awareness should convert into increased ticket sales.