A hair salon wants to let the local community know of its great handiwork to increase word of mouth and ultimately, appointment bookings which means more revenue. 



  • Ask customers if you can take a picture of the finished styling and add it to Instagram. Tag the salon location, give each stylist a hashtag that goes with the brand name (for example, #JoStylers) and use the usual industry and location relevant hashtags too. 
  • Maybe even have a selfie with the stylist to increase the staff profile too.
  • Let the customer know that if they get 10 likes on their photo they can claim 10% off their next visit as a reward. Simply show the photo with the likes as proof – encourage them to get likes on the photo which sits on your account.  
  • Encourage healthy competition with staff and give a bonus to the one that gets the most likes on Instagram at the end of the month.
  • If you really want to track things, ask at the point of booking which stylist or stylist hashtag they saw in any Instagram picture that made them aware of the salon. Reward referrals each month too. 
  • Cross post to Twitter or Facebook as a means of making those networks aware of the incentive and opportunity you provide on Instagram. 


  • Growth in followers on Instagram account.
  • Referrals, how many bookings reference your Instagram initiative. 
  • Repeat visits from those that have featured on your Instagram feed to take advantage of the 10% discount.
  • Number of likes generated on Instagram across staff members.